Monday, August 18, 2008

The Kids

Hello again,
Yesterday I saw some amazing things happen at school. First of all, I barely had to teach, which was a nice break from the usual. We started off with the Chat activity, and they took to it immediately. From there we played memorize for the first time. The students understood how it worked immediately and quickly moved themselves from the 4x4 grid to the 6x6 grid, I was even able to teach a few of the students how they could create their own activity! After we took them outside to play for a while we allowed the students to do as they wished on the laptops, and this is when I was really impressed. Some of the students opened the usual programs like Record, and Story Builder, but I finally saw some students opening things we had never even talked about. A few of the children opened up the Browse activity, and found the programs that had prerecorded music, and books that can be downloaded from the computer without using the internet.

All in all, great day.

-Joe Peoni

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