Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today was "Testing Day" at Driehoek. We took the kids into another room 4 at a time to test about all the parts of a computer, the write activity, the paint activity, and taking photos for the XO laptop. The reason we are having the tests is so that the kids have a sense of accomplishment when we leave them with the computers.
The testing went really well... We only had 3 people score just barely below the passing grade, and we will be retesting them tomorrow in class before our ceremony. While Joey and Joe were testing, Carter and I were reviewing and teaching the other kids. It was going really well until Carter left me to film at another school! The students were doing so great, so I gave them some free time to play with the computers. For some reason every kid loves "Story Builder" even though it is the worst program on the computer!! Every kid opened "Story Builder" and it was complete chaos! All the kids love that one because it is so louuuddd, but it is the worst program ever, especially because you can't really use it without the internet. Finally Joe saved the class by taking that program off of their computers for the day.
The rest of the day went much smoother... the kids learned the memorize program, took pictures of themselves and drew on them in paint, and then finished it off with some "heads up 7 up" and "Peter Says...".

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