Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thabang is the man.

While teaching at Katane, I have had the pleasure of working with a kid that completely amazes me every day. His name is- Thabang Makwela. He is by far the smartest kid in the fifth grade. He is the student that helps everyone learn with ease. It is much easier for him to explain something to the class than for any of us. He speaks English well, he listens and participates, and he understands information about the laptops better than everyone else. From day one, everyone saw promise in Thabang. Since then, he has continued to improve, so much, in fact, that we wanted to do something to help him continue with school and get an even better education.
Today, Joe and I met with his father about Thabang's schooling and what we could do to help him. I mean, none of us have a lot of money, but to go to Katane for one year is about 50 rand or about $7-8. Being such a small sacrifice, we, as a group, decided to send to Thabang to school for the next two years. After that, if all goes well, it is our hope to send him to a private school in the area. The private school is more expensive but I feel that it's crucial for him. His father seemed extremely gracious and really looked like a load was lifted off of his shoulders. Thabang has three brothers and sisters that are being sent to school as well. His father said that he was self-employed and struggles to make ends meet. It would be a tragedy for money to be the reason why Thabang could not further his education. I certainly don't want that to be the case. Hopefully, after talking to my dad about this, he'll want to help, which I'm sure he will. This is too good of an opportunity to pass up.
I'm really looking forward to see where Thabang goes in life, but it is very important that he continues with the laptop and keeps receiving an education which will lead to a higher education.

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