Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whew!! Is all that I can say after 2 weeks of being away from home ...meeting new friends and waking up to cold mornings in the mountains. Let me start by giving a background...I come from Soweto and I am also member of the Kliptown Youth Program. KYP is an organisation that is run entirely by the youth in Kliptown. I don't know if you can call me a Linux pro but I can get around it very well...I came to Limpopo with Sipho Dladla who is one of the founder members from the youth organisation. KYP received XO laptops donated by The Webber family and these were distributed across all ages in our club summary they were given to children in all the Grades at our club so practically you have the youth across all ages using the XOs. Since then I have been playing around with the Fedora distro and the XS so I can say that I in terms of the technical aspect of things, I am hands on.
For starters I think the XS software is straight forward to install and configure but there are always challenging factors like infrastructure constraints, power surges and new hardware that need to be configured /installed so that the XO's can function the way that they are supposed to. Our challenges here have been that 3 of the servers power supplies were damaged by the power surges( thanks to Stanford College we had these PS replaced free of charge)...the active antenna's which I thought were going to be shipped with the XO's are not going to be... and now we need to look for alternatives (D-LINK AP's). I don't think we will have much of a problem installing these but we have not even received them even when they were purchased Last week Thursday. I feel so stupid not having thought of this even before we left Johannesburg, cause I was aware that somthing like this could happen. The most recent challenge is to install a Desktop environment on the server so that it can be used also as a Desktop by the school because they did not have a single PC at 2 of of the schools. Should this be properly installed then we can install a printer on the server and the entire system could be running on full throttle..."talk about maximising resources".

- Neo

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