Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today was a great day in Driehoek. I cannot believe how much the kids have improved since the first couple days. They are finally getting ideas like highlighting, drag and drop, and just figuring their way around on the laptop. They are better at figuring out stuff than my mom! Today we reviewed all the things we've gone over before, like the write and paint programs. They can write multiple sentences and draw pictures basically on their own now.
The most hilarious part of the whole day was trying to teach our class a version of hangman. It was probably our fault for not explaining ther game clearly enough, but the kids were cracking us up with their guesses. Then Joe was trying to do the word "Potential Energy", but forgot there was a "g" in it, and and when the kids found his mistake they all thought that was really funny. When we were leaving school we gave a bunch of stickers to the smaller children, and they put those stickers right in the middle of their own forehead! Oh man, it is hilarious. I love these kids so much!

Now I am going to help with the teacher learn the internet!


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